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Are the preflight health check questionnaire and the preflight temperature check mandatory?

In accordance with Transport Canada regulations, we ask all our travelers to complete a brief questionnaire on their health status at check-in or boarding. We ask travelers to answer honestly as a fraudulent answer could result in a maximum fine of $ 5000 CAD.

At the same time, we conduct temperature checks with a non-contact infrared thermometer on all our travelers over 2 years of age. 

Knowing that fever (38°C and above) is a common symptom of Covid-19, this is an additional screening tool. To ensure that our results are consistent, our thermometers are tested and calibrated regularly. 

If you have a medical condition with symptoms similar to Covid-19, you will need a doctor’s note or a medical certificate confirming your condition. 

If a traveler shows symptoms of the virus (such as fever) and is unable to provide a doctor’s note (or a medical certificate) explaining the symptoms, after further checks, they may be denied boarding.