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What are the official standards for face coverings?

In order to comply with the government of Canada requirements, we ask all our travelers to be equipped with a non-medical mask or face covering (see acceptable substitutes here) upon arrival at the airport, and to keep it on for the entire duration of the travel and inflight process.

We therefore rely on you to provide a comfortable face covering before meeting us at the airport. This will be mandatory for entry to the airport and on the plane. If you do not have one, a face covering can be given to you upon arrival at our counter.

The Government of Canada requires all travelers to have a non-medical mask or face shield that can be removed and is large enough to cover their mouth and nose when in Canadian airports and on board an aircraft. Travelers must confirm at check-in that they have the required non-medical mask or face shield.

As a minimum, travelers must wear the non-medical mask or face shield:

  • at airport checkpoints.
  • during the flight, when they cannot physically distance themselves, including at all times when they are within two metres of another person, except another occupant of their private residence.
  • as directed by a representative of the air operator or an officer of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, the Canada Border Services Agency or a Canadian public health unit.

Transport Canada maintains that despite our efforts to physically distance travelers, there are still points along the route where travelers cannot maintain a physical distance of two metres. For this reason, all travelers are required to have a removable face covering or mask that they must use when asked to do so by a CATSA officer or by a representative of the operator at the screening checkpoint, when boarding, when disembarking, or on board. Travelers must be prepared to cover their mouth and nose while traveling, particularly in circumstances where a physical distance of two metres cannot be maintained. 

Travelers must wear a mask or face shield in the check-in and boarding area. It will, of course, be essential to lower it at the various checkpoints when checking photo identification.

Travelers unable to wear the face covering for health reasons should contact OWG and provide a medical certificate.