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In-flight entertainment*

OWG offers a selection of Hollywood movies and popular TV series as part of our in-flight entertainment menu. You can browse through 90 hours of available streaming content.

Simply ask one of the flight attendants to purchase an access code.

You’ll be able to access it onboard the aircraft:

  1. Phones or tablets must be set to airplane mode.
  2. Turn on the Wi-Fi function of your device.
  3. Connect to the OWG network.
  4. Open your browser and enter owgwifi.com.
*Available as of August 15th 2022

Free Meal Service

No matter how long your flight is, OWG offers you free meal service with High Love. We offer you a seasonal selection of dishes that will suit every taste and requirement, all for free.

Bar and Snack Service

Our flight attendants provide high-altitude service where you can enjoy a selection of chocolate, chips and candy as well as sip the alcoholic beverage of your choice with a magnificent view of the world. Our pay-as-you-go format encourages moderation.