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For a few weeks now, our new regular connection to Cuba has been introducing travellers to our High Love service.

OWG partners with Caribe Sol and Hola Sun Holidays (its sister company in Ontario) to offer exclusive flights to Cuba on our Boeing 737-400s. Our fleet is equipped with the latest technology, in particular cabins that have been fully updated for our passengers’ comfort.

Setting up a connection during a pandemic has had its challenges, but our team has been able to adapt rapidly to the various unforeseen situations and provide first-class service.

“Given the many measures already in place and those that are added regularly, we’re certain that we’re offering safe in-flight service that puts the traveller front and centre. We’re working every day to improve the in-flight experience and we’re sure that we have found a winning formula.” – Marco Prud’Homme, President of OWG

Travellers en route to Cuba will discover a cabin with more space between the seats and a uniquely relaxing atmosphere, because we know that your vacation starts with your in-flight experience. To maximize your experience, in-flight meals are now free on OWG flights. We also have a few surprises for our younger adventurers. Judging from the comments we’ve received from our first travellers, our crew has exceeded their expectations, and we’re constantly working to improve the in-flight experience.