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A High Love experience at the airport

At OWG, we believe that providing a High Love experience to all our travelers is of utmost importance and to do so, our passengers are our core priority at every stage of their flight with us.

To ensure you have an overall positive experience, our station manager is always there to provide support, assist you and answer any questions you may have.


To make your journey as smooth as possible from the moment you arrive at the terminal, a gigantic monolith bearing our colours will help you easily identify the OWG check-in counters, where our partners, supervised by our team, will be happy to welcome you, check you in and wish you a safe and pleasant High Love flight!


Once you’ve browsed the duty-free shops, you can make your way to the gate in preparation for departure! Remember to pay attention to boarding messages to make sure you are at the right gate at the right time and… on time. No need to worry, our logo can easily be spotted on information boards!

On Board

Once comfortably on board, simply sit back and enjoy our relaxing atmosphere and our flight attendants’ infectious smiles.

Our vision is to give you a healthy dose of love. One that is felt throughout your journey!

💓 High Love 💗