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Heading to Los Cabos : OWG Travel offers its first direct flights to Los Cabos, Mexico

OWG Travel announces its first-ever direct flights to Los Cabos, Mexico. Starting today with departures as early as March 2022, OWG will offer three new exclusive flights and packages to this trending destination for Quebecers.

Travelers will have the opportunity to stay in one of the Platinum collection hotels of the prestigious hotel chain AMR Collection, Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort and Spa or Breahtless Cabos San Lucas Resort and Spa. For distribution of its package to Los Cabos, OWG Travel division has called upon Voyages Bergeron for its renown expertise.

“Our team is thrilled to collaborate with OWG on this exclusive project. We are excited and looking forward to showcase this paradise destination and to work on this project with a company that shares our values and our passion for travel.”

-Lyne Rose, President of Voyages Bergeron

The HIGH LOVE experience

For the very first time, OWG is introducing its HIGH LOVE formula on its flights and packages, which includes a 5-star all-inclusive service (complimentary gourmet meals, open bar and other benefits) and gathering travelers into three specific aircraft zones to provide a customized experience. Singles will have the chance to travel in the High Zone, couples will be pampered in the Love Zone and families will be able to meet in the Heart Zone, located at the rear of the aircraft closer the lavatories and flight attendants.

“We had the pleasure of visiting Los Cabos a few days ago and it was by far the most beautiful scenery in Mexico we have seen. Our selection of destination hotels will warmly greet every customer to make them feel at home, which fits very well with our goal of having travelers at heart.”

-Marco Prud’Homme, President of OWG Travel

Inspired by this idyllic place, OWG Travel wishes to offer its travelers an experience that is the complete opposite of low-cost flights.

Bienvenidos a Los Cabos

Located in Southern Baja California at the tip of a long and majestic peninsula, Los Cabos is known for its crystal clear waters. Its miles of secluded beaches, the meeting of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes, its majestic views and privileged access to the underwater world, make it a destination of choice.

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