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Our Fleet at Your Disposal!

To provide you with a High Love inflight experience to your destination, OWG included three Boeings 737-400 and one Boeing 737-800 into its fleet.

Each of the OWG fleet aircraft has been redesigned and upgraded with numerous security systems (e.g., Skytrac), thus providing a High Love experience for our travellers.

Your comfort aboard is ensured in cabins with 158 to 188 seats and amenities that offer a personalized and high-quality inflight experience, regardless of your destination!A High Love environment was created; our cabin interiors were completely updated for a trendy look! Click here to find out all about our cabins, revamped just for you!

Also, did you know that a mechanic is present on each OWG flight? Having an expert on board enables us to monitor various systems and offer smooth flights.