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OWG’s fleet of aircraft primarily consists of Boeing 737-400s. This type of aircraft, which has proven its worth, allows OWG to offer more distant destinations, without any stopovers.


The aircraft is suitable for sports clubs, artistic groups (e.g., orchestras), conventioneers and tourist groups, and can even serve as a replacement aircraft for other carriers.

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Comfort features


The interior cabin of OWG’s aircraft features the latest in innovative design with the world’s strongest and lightest seats made of titanium. This innovative seat design gives more space to the travelers. OWG is the first airline offering these seats on a Boeing 737 aircraft.

Interior update

The interior of the cabin has been completely updated. The cabin sidewalls have been completely refurbished and the galley relaminated along with new carpeting installed. The cabin lighting has been enhanced with LED MoodLites to offer the best cabin ambiance during the entire flight. The cabin briefing system will also be upgraded to allow a pre-recorded briefing to be clearly heard throughout the entire cabin.


OWG 737-300 interior mood 1
OWG 737-300 interior mood 2

Techno features

ADS-B System : Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) systems technology uses communication satellites to inform air traffic controllers of the location of our aircraft when they are outside control zones. In northern regions, the presence of this system on Nolinor Aviation aircraft allows us to monitor our flights as if they were in a radar area. What’s more, since we are now able to use preferred routes, our fuel costs have fallen.

LPV Approach System : Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (LPV) is an approach that uses top-level instrumentation during landings. In order to comply with this (non-compulsory) standard, Nolinor Aviation has installed the latest generation GPS to ensure that crews have access to the most accurate information during landings. In this way, Nolinor Aviation is able to reduce the number of unsuccessful approaches and avoid costly alternate flights for its customers. The addition of this avionics system represents an investment of over 400,000$ CA per aircraft.

SKYTRAC System : Today, real-time communications are a necessary prerequisite for air safety. A few years ago, OWG’s aircraft fleet has been equipped with a two-way communication system, supported worldwide via satellite. This system allows us not only to communicate with our aircraft in real time, but also to know the exact location of every aircraft in flight. OWG is able to monitor over 150 other flight parameters (flight data monitoring), such as engine performance and fuel consumption, in order to detect failures prematurely. If a critical incident is detected, the system immediately sends alerts to ground crew over the Iridium satellite network. This ensures the team can promptly begin review and follow-up. The system also regularly offloads inflight data over satellite, even during normal operations. OWG can regularly review flight data and proactively investigate any incidents that require additional maintenance review or training.

Safety features

Type A dispatch service : OWG is one of the few specialized air transport companies to have a Type A dispatch service for tracking flights 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A team of dispatchers, certified according to Transport Canada requirements, validates all flight information provided to crews. We can track our flights in real time, anywhere in the world.

SMS : OWG’s Safety Management System (SMS) allows us to identify safety risks before they become a real problem. Transport Canada regulations require aviation companies to implement an SMS for additional protection as part of their risk management strategy.

BARS Registered : OWG has achieved Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) registration. BARS is an international air safety operating standard that is widely used in the mining industry and for humanitarian flights. To obtain our BARS registration, our operations had to pass an audit covering more than 275 points. The certification process has brought OWG new business from safety-conscious customers.

Quality Assurance : The presence of a quality assurance officer during aircraft maintenance is a regulatory requirement. At OWG, we understand the benefits of such a system, and we have created an equivalent position in flight operations. Our QA officer validates quality assurance for operations and verifies compliance of our operational systems.

FDS : Every flight involves a great deal of information. To ensure that this information is reliably communicated to our crews and customers, we have created the Flight Data System (FDS). Among other tasks, the system automatically communicates departure and arrival times for all flights.

Simulator and Training : In addition to more than 24 specialized courses on a range of topics related to our operations, OWG pilots are required to take 12 hours of B737-400 simulator training every 6 months; Transport Canada-designated pilots evaluate their skills every 6 months, once in a simulator and then on an actual flight. This training is both practical and theoretical and is designed to cover all normal and emergency procedures that may arise on board the aircraft, in flight or on the ground. A team of six instructors ensure that training is kept up to date based on the most recent information available.

Maintenance : Each B737-400 in the fleet of OWG will first undergo a “C” check, to transition from the previous operator to the OWG MSG-3 Maintenance Schedule, then upgraded to meet the OWG Fleet Standard for navigation systems, communication systems, cabin trims and emergency equipment layout. On average, each aircraft will receive 10 000 man hours before doing their first flight test. The -400’s avionic suite will be enhanced with LPV precision approaches capabilities, ADS-B compliant Transponders and SKYTRAC communication and flight tracking system. Emergency Location Transmitters will also be standardized to OWG fleet of ARTEX 406Mhz ELT’s. The fuselage and wing will be completely repainted after the inspection to provide the aircraft with the brand’s sleek look.

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