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When traveling with a service animal or an emotional support animal, special rules apply.

Service animals

These animals may be carried in the cabin provided the following conditions are met:

  • Travelers must notify OWG by email at animal@owg.com at the time of booking to ensure that we choose a seat that will maximize everyone’s comfort.
  • The travelers must also include in the said email :
    • The animal’s documentation required for traveling (i.e. valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits, and other documents required by countries, states or territories for entry or transit). These documents must also be presented at the check-in counter at the airport. The service animal will not be accepted on board if any of these documents are not provided.
    • The animal’s breed, approximate dimensions, and weight.
  • In the aircraft
    • OWG will allow the service animal to use the floor space close to the seat row of the traveler, when possible, given that the traveler can still exercise control over the dog.
    • The animal must wear a harness and must remain at the owner’s feet.
    • The animal must remains with its owner throughout the flight.
    • The animal must sits under the seat in front of the traveler for during take-off and /landing.
    • A traveler with a service animal will be assigned a seat near a window, not in an emergency exit row.

The travelers with disabilities needing a service animal can carry them in the cabin at no extra charge.¹

¹ Please note that we reserve the right to deny boarding to a service animal that is causing a disruption (including but not limited to barking, chirping, howling, and growling).

Emotional Support Animals

The only emotional support animals we accept on board at this time are cats and dogs.

The animal must be small enough to be lap-held or stay under the seat.

A doctor’s note prescribing the emotional support animal must be provided. The note must be written less than one year prior to the date of departure. The doctor must be licensed to practice by a self-regulatory College of Physicians and Surgeons, or another comparable regulator, and must be in the traveler’s jurisdiction.