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A High Love uniform💓

Bearing vibrant colours, the unique OWG uniform was designed with our travelers in mind.

To create a uniform that represented its passion for travel and love of travelers, OWG worked with a designer to develop a line of High Love attire that showcases our flight attendants.

“One of Nolinor’s core values is to “adapt to customer needs.” Our customers also include our flight attendants. We recently entered into an agreement with a seamstress to oversee uniform fittings. This resulted into fostering a turnkey experience for employees: personalized service, tailored uniform, and inclusion!”

– AndrĂ©e-Anne Lauzon, Vice-President, Human Resources, OWG

Our flight attendants are dedicated to our passengers’ well-being, primarily ensuring their on board safety in any circumstance! A variety of uniform options designed and made in Quebec exclusively for OWG is offered to its inflight staff. This not only promotes the brand’s image but also provides maximum freedom of movement for our cabin crew while strengthening their self esteem.

Whether a dress or gray trousers, fuchsia pants or navy outfit, our cabin crew has many options to choose from!

In the end, our crew members are not only proud to be wearing OWG colours and project a professional image, they are also comfortable and confident in their uniforms.


BONUS: All uniforms are 100% made in Quebec!