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Traveling is about discovering a place and rediscovering yourself and in order to achieve this goal we have considered every aspect of our service to offer you a different flight experience where you are at the heart of our concerns.

Your journey begins as soon as you board our aircraft in a relaxing atmosphere followed by a flight where we offer you the opportunity to really disconnect from your daily life. No wifi or digital entertainment systems are available on our flights. Instead, we offer you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself (or your loved ones) and discover our 5-star quality in-flight service in an all-inclusive package just like your destination hotel.

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Free gourmet meal

During your flight, OWG offers a complimentary gourmet meal service in our High Love package. Depending on the season, we offer a selection of different dishes that will satisfy all tastes and needs, all free of charge.

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Open bar

Our flight attendants offer you an unlimited bar service at high altitude!
You can enjoy the alcoholic beverage of your choice with a magnificent view of the world. Your all-inclusive experience starts with an open bar in the aircraft.

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Travel in your zone

To ensure a different experience, a section of the aircraft is reserved for your fellow travelers. Singles will have the chance to travel in the High Zone, couples will be pampered in the Love Zone and families will find themselves in the Heart Zone, located at the back of the aircraft near the bathrooms and flight attendants.

Direct flight

OWG offers you a direct flight from start to finish on the same aircraft. Forget the stress of connections, you are really on a trip with OWG.

Departure on time

OWG has an excellent on-time performance to ensure a hassle-free flight and maximize your time at your destination.

Full pricing

Our pricing covers all your possible needs. With OWG there are no unexpected surcharges (no hidden fees, no surprises).


From your arrival at the departure airport, during your stay and upon your return, the OWG team is on hand to address all your needs. We are here to ensure a simple and relaxing travel experience.

Young at heart

Your children will have a stimulating first flight experience with a few surprises to keep them busy during the flight.

Tested & approved

The management of OWG and its team have tested all the facilities at your destination to ensure the quality of your stay.