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Our commitment to travelers is to always do our best to ensure safe and timely arrival of their baggage.

Despite our best efforts and careful planning, sometimes things don’t go as expected. We understand how inconvenient this may be for you and will try to help you in any way possible.

Delayed or Lost Baggage

Take note that you should never leave the airport without first making your claim :

  • The traveler must report delayed baggage to the airport’s delayed, missing, lost, or damaged baggage counter.
  • We will create a delayed baggage report after asking a few routine questions.
  • The representative will let you know about the next steps to take to resolve the situation and will automatically inform OWG.

OWG will immediately begin the procedures to locate your bag. You will be notified of all the updates the baggage recovery team provides.

If you have left the airport and did not find your baggage at the expected time and place, you have 7 days to file a claim.

To reduce the inconvenience of missing baggage items during your stay, OWG will reimburse any interim expenses for purchases of reasonable basic necessities. This does not include any cellphone charges.

Please note that we will require detailed receipts for any reimbursement of incidental expenses.

Reimbursements of basic necessities only apply when away from home.

If the delayed baggage has exceeded the 21 day period, it will be declared lost. You will be contacted for the following steps.

Delayed, lost or damaged baggage

Submit a claim

Fill the form

Damaged Baggage

Should your baggage be damaged during transit, a claim must be filed immediately at the airport terminal.

Should your delayed baggage be delivered to you damaged, you have 7 days to file your claim. Once the claim has been received, our team will contact you if they require additional information.

OWG holds the sole discretion to determine whether to provide compensation, repair, or to replace any damaged baggage.

Items Left in the Cabin

If you have accidentally left an item on board, the in-flight crew will collect it and hand it to our baggage department.

As soon as possible, contact OWG directly by email at baggage@owg.com. Please make sure to contact us promptly, and include your registration number and a detailed description of the item(s).

Baggage Coverage

The limitations of liability for delayed, damaged, or lost baggage includes incidental expenses up to 1288 special drawing rights (SDRs) per traveler, per bag. This is a value of approximately $ 2300 CAD and is subject to currency fluctuations.

With your assistance, our team will help determine the value of your goods, and once both parties are in agreement, we will provide you with the value agreed upon. Should the bag be lost, OWG will reimburse you for your baggage fee (in addition to the reimbursement value agreed upon).

For more detailed information, take a look at our Tariff.