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At OWG, we understand that schedule changes are inconvenient. You can rest assured that we value your time as much as you do, so count on us to resolve any issues as safely and efficiently as possible.

Staying Informed

To minimize any inconvenience, OWG will notify you as quickly as possible of any flight delays or cancellations, including the reason and length of any delay.

To make it easier, we strongly recommend that you follow up these simple steps :

Prior to arriving at the airport:

  • Check in online 24 hours before departure so we can obtain your contact information to keep you informed about your flight.
  • If you choose the airport check-in, we invite you to monitor your flight status at least 12 hours prior to departure.

At the airport:

  • You will be informed of any schedule changes during the check-in process.
  • Flight information screens throughout the airport will also display updated flight status.
  • Announcements will be made inside the terminal.

Delays and Cancellations

While the vast majority of OWG flights operate on time, occasionally delays or cancellations may occur.

Delays or cancellations beyond OWG’s control

In certain circumstances, we may offer you a seat on the next available OWG flight, free of charge.

Please note that OWG will not issue any travel vouchers, pay for ground transportation nor pay for tickets purchased by yourself from any other airline.

If OWG does not have an appropriate alternative flight option, our team will spare no effort to find an agreeable solution.

Controllable delays or cancellations

For disruptions exceeding 2 hours, we will provide you with meal vouchers.

In addition, when disruptions exceed 3 hours, you can ask for alternative arrangements. If such schedule changes disrupt your travel plans, you may be entitled to a full or partial refund of your flight.

For overnight disruptions, if needed, we will provide you with one (1) hotel voucher, one (1) meal voucher and airport transfers.

Please note that you may be eligible for extra compensation for your troubles.

Tarmac Delays

When travelers are on board the aircraft, and a delay occurs before take-off or after landing, OWG will do everything in its power to keep everyone comfortable throughout the duration of the tarmac delay.

We will provide an adequate cabin temperature and ventilation during the delay. Lavatories will be accessible and you will be able to use your communication devices (when cabin safety regulations allow it). We will also provide non-alcoholic beverages and snacks free of charge.

Schedule changes

If there should be a schedule adjustment more than 12 hours prior to departure, it is considered a schedule change and not a delay.


In case of delays or cancellations within our control and not safety-related, the following compensation amount may be claimed.

According to CTA, the amount of compensation depends on how late the traveler arrives at the final destination, compared to the arrival time on their original itinerary.

  • $125 CAD if the traveler arrives three (3) or more hours, but less than six (6) hours;
  • $250 CAD if the traveler arrives six (6) or more hours late, but less than nine (9) hours; and
  • $500 CAD if the traveler arrives nine (9) or more hours late.

Please note that every traveler has one (1) year after said flight to submit a claim.

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For more information about our policies, please click here. 

For more information about your rights please click here – OWG is considered a small carrier as it pertains to the Air Passenger Protection Regulation (SOR / 2019-150).

Baggage Coverage

Please see Delayed, Lost or Damaged Baggage.