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Free as a bird

Free as a bird” is what OWG had in mind when its interior cabin was designed. That feeling of lightness and space was achieved through the layout of several components, including the lightest seats on the market.

“All of us, once had that unpleasant experience of being trapped between two seat rows. The seat design we selected provides a different flight experience by giving you access to the entire cabin,”

– said Marco Prud’homme, President of Nolinor Aviation and OWG.

OWG selected Expliseat’s aircraft seats for both their durability and sleeker, lighter design. The seating layout provides an average of 32-inch spacing between each row allowing more leg room for passenger comfort. The cabin appears more spacious thanks to the backrest’s slender design. Passengers can easily see to the front of the cabin and enjoy a sense of freedom, regardless of their seat location.

The blue seats were customized with OWG’s heart-shaped embroidery to reflect how much it cares about each passenger onboard its flights. Made of titanium, the seats are robust and lighter than other models on the market.

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