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OWG raises the entry-level salary of all its flight attendants

From their first year of service, the company’s flight attendants will earn $45,000 annually.

In order to thank its flight attendants for their continued High Love in-flight service despite the difficult conditions caused by the pandemic, and to celebrate International Flight Attendant Day, OWG is announcing today that it will offer a new, extremely competitive salary scale which will undoubtedly stand out in the market. From their first year of service, flight attendants will be able to earn an annual salary of $45,000 (and $50,000 the second year), in addition to all the other benefits which include, among others, insurance plan benefits, a group pension plan and access to a profit-sharing program. This significant increase will also apply to around thirty flight attendants who will start working with the company in the next few days.

“To offer a ‘high love’ level in-flight service, we must ensure that we have conditions that allow us to keep our best employees, in the context of labour shortage that is affecting our industry. Our operations are more and more diversified and our needs are growing, so we had to be creative in order to reflect this reality,”

– said Marco Prud’Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation and OWG.

Therefore, a few weeks before starting its flights to Cuba with its OWG division, the company decided to take this major step to recognize the loyalty of its flight attendants, while also attracting the best candidates on the market. Nolinor Aviation is also very proud to have been able to keep its aircrew active throughout the pandemic. For this reason, among others, the carrier has decided to play a leadership role by proposing a significant increase in base salary, thus offering an incredibly attractive overall compensation.

“Labour shortage is a complex problem and there are many ways to approach it. We have given ourselves the clear mandate of reviewing all our work conditions in order to position ourselves as a leader and demonstrate that we’re an employer of choice for candidates. Our employees are the reason for our current successes as well as for winning the hearts of travellers. We’ve therefore reviewed the compensation of our flight attendants according to the challenges they face, but also in function of the importance of their role within our structure, while keeping in mind the principle of internal equity. Our entry-level salary is now one of the highest in the Montreal region and employees can expect a quick progression through the ranks,”

– says Andrée-Anne Lauzon, Vice-President of Human Resources at Nolinor Aviation and OWG.

Flight Attendant Training
Paid flight attendant training only takes about five to six weeks, and no high school or college diploma is required. However, being bilingual is a must in order to offer quality services to travellers. Nolinor’s operations are split between Nordic destinations and Caribbean travel destinations for its OWG division. Candidates who would like to find out more can visit the Nolinor Aviation career page.

It should be noted that another training is planned over the next few weeks and there are still a few flight attendant positions to be filled. Click here to apply!